Billy Eichner and Anna Kendrick Give Up

Billy Eichner, noted homosexual, found himself the objective of some odd tattle when a misleading content article promoting his relationship with Noelle costar Anna Kendrick went viral.

Eichner and Kendrick, along with actual couple Rebel Wilson and girlfriend Ramona Agruma, were among the "new celebrity relationships" making someone ... somewhere feel better about 2021.

Eichner took to the socials, captioning a photo of the article with a poignant "Um."

Kendrick then got in on the fun, sliding into the comments on Instagram: "Honestly … I was so into this dress and ponytail, I'm just glad this pic is getting some play. Also, love you baby."

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Eichner alerted Kendrick that the cat was effectively "out of the bag." Kendrick, like any good Judy, played along and even threw in a plug for Eichner's movie.

We can finally live our truth, Billy!" the Oscar-nominee wrote. "You've felt so pressured to seem like a gay man that you made #BrosMovie but you're free now! Our love can flourish!"

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