Elon Musk Says He Never Wanted to be CEO

Elon Musk has said he never wanted to be the CEO of X.com, the online bank which he co-founded in 1999.

He revealed this in response to a tweet pointing out how he was replaced by a more experienced executive in 2000.

"This must have been very hard and painful," the tweet said. "I believe you were a victim of politics. Could you please shed more light into the event?"

In response, the Tesla boss said he never even wanted to an executive role.

"I just wanted to work on product/technology," Elon Musk added. "Running companies hurts my heart. But I don’t see any other way to bring technology and design to fruition."

X.com was launched with the idea of making the digital transfer of funds easier, with no requirement for traditional banking infrastructure or mail, according to a TIME magazine report.

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