Hailey Bieber Sued for Trademark Infringement

Justin Bieber reported that he was determined to have Ramsay Hunt disorder on June 10, 90 days after spouse Hailey experienced a ministroke.

It's been a difficult few months for Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber as they've faced back health scares, but the trials have only made the couple's marriage stronger.

In March, the model, 25, had a ministroke after a blood coagulation made a trip from her heart to her mind.

"Hailey has been so supportive of Justin, just like he supported her with her health issues,"

"He's going to be totally fine," she said. "This is just a really out-of-nowhere, weird situation."

"It's been rough," says a source close to Bieber. "There is nothing he can do to speed up the recovery, so he just has to be patient. 

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