Johnny Depp Put up Bike for Auction

Johnny Depp’s iconic bike from 1990 film Cry-Baby will soon be displayed at an auction after his win blockbuster trial against Amber Heard.

According to TMZ, the ‘sick’ 1995 Harley Davidson Model K is being auctioned the Kruse GWS Auctions with an opening bid set at $250,000.

The outlet also reported that the buyers are already bidding in 25,000 increments to get their hands on an iconic piece of Depp’s movie history.

The action house described Depp-related commodity as the ‘picture bike’ which was captured in the serene locations of Maryland and Hollywood.

The bike is reportedly displayed in a museum in Branson, Missouri followed by displays in different exhibitions across the country.

Meanwhile, Janis Joplin’s mandolin, which was gifted to Jimi Hendrix, has also been included in the auction. The auction opens June 25.

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