Kim Kardashian Children Steal Spotlight

Kim Kardashian's gained an illustration from her two astonishing children during her Instagram Live with Saint and Psalm, who she imparts to her ex Kanye West.

The 41-year-old's sweet children were feeling somewhat devilish and unleashing devastation and calling adherents 'weirdos' while showing up live with their mother.

Pete's darling shot herself and her children Saint, six, and Psalm, three while attempting to make sense of what an Instagram Live was, yet the senior one had his own thoughts on what to do and say.

"Say hi!" she told them in the selfie video while sitting in the car, adding: "This is called Instagram Live."

Psalm said a quiet 'hi' before Saint popped his head into the frame to happily yell out: "Hi weirdos!" Kim wasn't too pleased with his choice of words and told him to 'stop it'.

However, Saint wasn't quite done with being mischievous yet. He added while smiling: "If you’re watching this, I hate you!"

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