Kourtney Kardashian Adopts The Surname Barker

Kourtney KThe Instagram profile of Kourtney Kardashian shows a change in the name of the actress. You can now see the last name Barker on her Instagram page.ardashian Adopts The Surname Barker

stated that Kourtney recently tied the knot with Travis Barker in Italy. Along with the professional marriage, the couple also confirmed it legally.

The third marriage ceremony was a grand affair indeed and ensured that Kourtney was very proud to get Travis Barker as her husband. 

It is more evident from her recent action by adding her husband’s surname to her name. Of course, the Kardashian superstar will remain so throughout her life for the world. 

But after the wedding ceremony on 23rd May 2022, Kourtney added Barker to her last name through the legal process. So, permanently she is a Barker now.

Today social media is the most potent medium to declare anything you wish to share with the public.

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