Paul McCartney still makes genius look

There's an exquisite scene in Peter Jackson's new narrative The Beatles: Get Back that summarizes the underestimated splendor of Paul McCartney.

It's one more day in Twickenham studios, where McCartney is without any help wrestling the Beatles into recording another collection.

McCartney, who turned 80 on June 18th, has always been a doer. “He used to be the one to get things moving,” Starr said after the band’s break-up in 1970. 

He as of late delivered a semi journal, The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present, and left on one more arena visit.

Next weekend he will headline Glastonbury for the second time, seven days after his 80th birthday. He has said that he considers retiring a prelude to expiring.

Born in Liverpool in 1942, James Paul McCartney lost his mother, Mary, when he was 14 — an experience that strengthened his bond with the similarly bereaved John Lennon. 

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