Selena Gomez was Ashamed After Shooting

Selena Gomez has said that she's "ashamed" of one of her sexual album covers.

As you most likely are aware, Selena has been in the public eye since their youth featuring on some of our number one Disney Channel shows.

Be that as it may, having experienced childhood before our eyes, Selena has sadly been sexualized all through her vocation.

During the discussion, Amy asked how Selena found her own voice and style despite being "sexualised at such a young age".

Selena didn't name the album in question, but fans believe she could be referring to the artwork for her 2015 album Revival, where she posed topless.

Selena added: "And I’m not an overly sexual person. Sometimes I like to feel sexy, but that doesn’t mean it’s for somebody else. It can be for me."

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