Snoop Dogg mocked Amber Heard

Snoop Dogg reacted to Johnny Depp's victory in defamation case against Amber Heard by sharing a viral video.

Taking to Instagram, Snoop posted the video of a man, apparently a coach, celebrating the victory of his team in a way that made him a viral meme. "Bag secured," he captioned his post.

In April, an unidentified woman withdrew a civil lawsuit she filed against Snoop Dogg in which she accused the American rapper of sexual assault & battery after attending one of his concerts in 2013.

The woman was identified as Jane Doe and described as a dancer, model, host and actress who had worked with Snoop Dogg. The musician, however, said the woman never worked for him.

The voluntary dismissal also removed charges against all other parties named in the suit, including Snoop Dogg's business entity.

"It is not surprising that the plaintiff dismissed her complaint against the defendants. Her complaint was full of false allegations and deficiencies," a representative for Snoop Dogg said to Reuters.

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