Tom Hanks yells after fans push wife 

Tom Hanks got angry after fans accidentally pushed his wife Rita Wilson as they exited a restaurant in New York on Wednesday. 

Tom Hanks flipped out on Wednesday in New York after a few over-energetic fans made his better half Rita Wilson trip.

The incident took place as the couple was exiting a restaurant and was surrounded by fans. 

As found in a video of the occurrence, Rita nearly falls as the fans push forward making an irate Tom yell at them.

The video has been shared by fans and news sites across social media. It shows Tom and Rita walking from a restaurant to a waiting car. 

They have a couple of safety officers with them. Fans should be visible following Tom attempting to draw near to him for selfies.

“Be careful, Tom” and asking the fans to move. Then, a fan bumps into Tom’s wife Rita, almost causing her to fall.

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