ZENDAYA PREGNANT is trending on twitter

Huge number of Zendaya fans have been well and really 'Krissed' subsequent to succumbing to an internet based talk that Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland's child.

Zendaya is NOT pregnant. A Twitter thread shared the post of a TikTok user that had posted a fake picture of Zendaya sharing.

This isn’t the first time that speculations about Zendaya’s pregnancy have surfaced on the internet.

A modified image of the 25-year-old actress went viral in January 2022 as it depicted her flaunting a baby belly at a red-carpet event.

The rumours were unfounded, and neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland responded to the false news.

Tom Holland, however, expressed his desire to become a father in a December 2021 interview with People magazine.

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