UEFA Champions League quarterfinal draw 2022: Time, Date, TV

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League knockout stage is in progress, as the top club groups in Europe fight for endurance on the planet’s greatest yearly soccer occasion.

Manchester City, PSG, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich feature the top picks which are on the whole confident of booking a spot in the quarterfinals and then some. Head League sides Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool additionally stay in the chase, while Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan, defending champions in Spain and Italy, present their defence for the crown.

When the Round of 16 is finished and the quarterfinal field is set, there is one last competition draw that will decide the section for the remainder of the opposition and set away for each club to possibly raise the prize.

Here is all you really want to be aware of the quarterfinal draw, how it will work, and when the remainder of the competition will occur.

When is the 2022 Champions League quarterfinal draw?

The quarterfinal draw for the 2022 Champions League competition will occur on Friday, March 18.

The draw will happen at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland and will be streamed live by UEFA.

While the draw will, most outstandingly, set the matchups for the quarterfinal round with only eight groups staying at that stage, it will likewise set the section for the rest of the opposition and kill the requirement for additional draws.

After the quarterfinal matches are set, UEFA will do the elimination round draw too, clearing a way for each club and who they can look in each leftover stage.

The draw will then, at that point, finish up with figuring out which side of the section will be considered the “home” group in the last, for procedural purposes, in spite of the last occurring at an unbiased scene.

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Which teams have qualified for the Champions League quarterfinals?

Now, with the Round of 16 yet to be finished, it’s indistinct which sides will be remembered for the Champions League quarterfinal draw.

Here are the matchups from which the last eight groups will arise:

Round of 16 schedule & results

Round of 16 Match1st Leg
2nd Leg
Team qualified
PSG vs. Real Madrid   TBD
Sporting CP vs. Man City  TBD
Inter Milan vs. Liverpool  TBD
RB Salzburg vs. Bayern Munich  TBD
Chelsea vs. LOSC Lille  TBD
Villarreal CF vs. Juventus  TBD
Atletico Madrid vs. Man United  TBD
Benfica vs. Ajax  TBD

Can teams from the same country meet in quarterfinals?

While UEFA has a standard that demonstrates that no groups from a similar nation can coordinate in the Round of 16, that standard is just set up for that round of the opposition.

From the quarterfinals in, any group can be drawn against some other group, leaving the field totally open for the stretch run of the Champions League.

For instance, in the Round of 16 draw, while Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City all won their gatherings, and Chelsea completed second, Chelsea could never have been coordinated with any of those three English clubs. Be that as it may, should blend of various English clubs advance to the quarterfinals, they could be attracted to confront one another.

Last year’s Champions League competition didn’t include any between country matchups through the whole knockout stage until the last when Manchester City lost to Chelsea.

The last time groups from a similar country matched up in either the quarterfinals or elimination rounds were in the 2019-20 rivalry when Tottenham crushed Manchester City on punishments in the quarterfinals, and in the long run, arrived at the last prior to losing to individual Premier League side Liverpool.

Does group stage finish & seeding matter in quarterfinals?

Like the standard with regards to same-country matchups, bunch stage cultivating just factors in for the Round of 16 draws.

In the Round of 16, groups that finish first in their gathering can coordinate with groups that completed second in their gathering, procuring those bunch champs the opportunity for a better matchup. Therefore, bunch victors are thought of as “seeds”.

In last year’s opposition, everything except one gathering stage champ neglected to progress past the Round of 16. The main gathering victor to miss the mark regarding the quarterfinals was Italy’s Juventus, which completed first in Group G however fell in the Round of 16 to Group C next in line Porto on the away-objectives sudden death round.

UEFA Champions League quarterfinal schedule

We will be down to only nine Champions League matchdays after the quarterfinal draw happens.

The quarterfinals will be played in the range of seven days in April, and we’ll have our two finalists by May 4.

Then, at that point, the two groups that will play for the UEFA Champions League title will have 24 days of readiness and development to the May 28 last in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


DateMatchTime (ET)
Tues, April 5Quarterfinal #1 – Leg 13 p.m.
Tues, April 5Quarterfinal #2 – Leg 13 p.m.
Wed, April 6Quarterfinal #3 – Leg 13 p.m.
Wed, April 6Quarterfinal #4 – Leg 13 p.m.
Tues, April 12Quarterfinal #1 – Leg 23 p.m.
Tues, April 12Quarterfinal #2 – Leg 23 p.m.
Wed, April 13Quarterfinal #3 – Leg 23 p.m.
Wed, April 13Quarterfinal #4 – Leg 23 p.m.


DateMatchTime (ET)
Tues, April 26Semifinal #1 – Leg 13 p.m.
Wed, April 27Semifinal #2 – Leg 13 p.m.
Tues, May 3Semifinal #1 – Leg 23 p.m.
Wed, May 4Semifinal #2 – Leg 23 p.m.

Champions League Final

Sat, May 28Semifinal winners3 p.m.


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