Best Upcoming IPO In November-2021

Upcoming IPO In November-2021
Upcoming IPO In November-2021

In this post, our team suggests your Upcoming IPO In November-2021 for Investments and best returns. According to technical analytics and finance experts, we are just guiding you. if you like to invest in IPO at your risk. also, we are providing the best investment tips on technical basics so if you like the investment tips, follow our page.

Upcoming IPO In November-2021

What is IPO (Initial Public Offering)?

On the stock exchange, in which companies are not listed they have announced an Initial Public Offering (IPO) when they decide to raise funds by the sale of securities and shares for the first time to the open market.

Differently, Initial Public Offering (IPO) is one type of selling securities and shares to the public in the open market for the first time to rise their funds.

After completing the IPO, the company will list on the stock exchange, and the company becomes a publicly-traded company. Now the shares of the company can be traded easily in the open markets.

Steps of IPO Process

There are mainly 7 steps of the IPO process;

What is IPO Process in India? 7 Steps of Initial Public Offering! | The  Short List
  1. Enlist an Investment Bank
  2. Registration for IPO and Submission of RHP
  3. Verify by SEBI
  4. Making Request to the Stock Exchange
  5. Marketing and Advertising to Impress Investors
  6. Put Price for IPO
  7. Allocation of Stocks

In Details,

1. Enlist an Investment Bank

In this first step, the company selects the investment bank for advice to the company on their IPO and provides good underwriting facilities.

The company selects investment banks according to these criteria;

  1. Reputation of investment bank
  2. The quality of research and management of investment bank
  3. Experience in industries of investment bank
  4. Distribution management of the investment bank

2. Registration for IPO and Submission of RHP

In this IPO process step, the company prepares the registration statement and documents along with the draft prospectus also called as Red Herring Prospectus (RHP). Submission of this prospectus is compulsory according to acts. These documents cover all the compulsory publishing by the acts of SEBI.

3. Verify by SEBI.

Market manager, SEBI completely check and verify the publishing documents given by the company. If the request for an IPO is accepted by the SEBI, then the company can publish the date of the IPO.

4. Making request to the Stock Exchange

Now, the company has to request the stock exchange for flotation.

5. Marketing and Advertising to Impress Investors

Basically, before the IPO open for the public, the company put attraction in the market for over two weeks. In these two weeks, the employees and staff of the company start marketing and advertising for the upcoming IPO of their company. This is all strategy to impress investors and the public in the open market for an investment of their company’s IPO.

6. Put Price for IPO

Now, the company can set its IPO price in two different ways, first is fixed price, and second is Book Binding Offering (specific range of price).

On the first way, the company announced their stocks rates of price in advance.

If the company goes for a bookbinding offering, the company announces 20% of the price range for stocks. The investors can place their bids at this price range. The investors have to place their bids according to the company’s configured lot price.

This bidding process opens for three to five working days. After completing this biding time, the company announced the specific price at which the stocks will be sold.

7. Allocation of Stocks

The allocation of IPO stocks is around seven to ten working days to the investors, after completing the bidding process.

How to Apply for IPO?

Now in this digital world, you can apply for IPO online and offline ways.

In Online mode, you can apply for IPO on different share market applications like Upstox, Groww, 5paisa, etc…

In offline mode, you can apply for IPO in your bank by filling a simple form.

In both modes, you have to manage funds in your bank accounts for IPO.

The bank will block your bidding amount for the bidding period (around five to six working days), after completing the bidding time bank will unblock your funds if you could not buy the IPO.

Note: You must have Demate Account to apply for IPO.

Upcoming IPO in November 2021

No.IPO NameMin. QuantityPrice rangeStart dateEnd date
1Nidan Laboratories and health care ltd.100012528/10/202102/11/2021
2Nykaa121085 – 112528/10/202101/11/2021
3Fino Payments Bank25560 – 57729/10/202102/11/2021
4SJS Enterprises Ltd.27531 – 54201/11/202103/11/2021
5Sigachi Industries Ltd.90161 – 16301/11/202103/11/2021
6PB Fintech Ltd.15940 – 98001/11/202103/11/2021
7PayTM 62080 – 215008/11/202110/11/2021


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