Valentine Week Full List with Date | Happy Valentine Day Week List 2022

Happy Valentine Day Week List 2022
Happy Valentine Day Week List 2022

Happy Valentine Week 2022

Happy Valentine Day Week List 2022

Valentine Week 2022 Full List: The week of love i.e. the week of Valentine’s Day, which is going to start from 7th February 2022. Hope you find someone in this month of love who will not only wish you every day of this week but also celebrate him/her with you. Valentine Week runs from 7 February to 14 February, whose every day is very special for lovers. So here we are telling you the history of Valentine along with its complete schedule, which day is which day.

How did Valentine’s Day start?

This story started from 270 AD. Actually, at that time there used to be a man named Claudius Gothicus II in the Roman Empire. It is believed that he was strictly against love affairs and marriage. Bande believed that by love or marriage, soldiers forget their goals and lose the war. That’s why he banned the marriage of soldiers. But in the same state, there was a Catholic saint named ‘Valentine’, who opposed this order. Claudius put Saint Valentine to death. It is believed that the day Saint Valentine made the sacrifice was February 14. Since then this day was celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

Full list of Valentine’s week

  1. Rose Day – 7th Feb, 2022
  2. Propose Day – 8th Feb, 2022
  3. Chocolate Day – 9th Feb, 2022
  4. Teddy Day – 10th Feb, 2022
  5. Promise Day – 11th Feb, 2022
  6. Hug Day – 12th Feb, 2022
  7. Kiss Day – 13th Feb, 2022
  8. Valentine’s Day – 14th Feb, 2022

1. Rose Day – 7th Feb 2022

Start the first day of love with a beautiful rose. Yes, the first day of Valentine’s Day week is Rose Day. On this day you can give roses to whomever you want. This is the first special day for a boyfriend and girlfriend which is celebrated as Rose Day. On 7th February, a lover expresses his love to his girlfriend by giving roses every day, that is, red roses. In the name of Rose (Rose), this day is called Rose Day.

2. Propose Day – 8th Feb 2022

Now think about what the day is saying, then talk to your heart. If you say, 8th February is the day to propose someone. This day is also very important for the love birds. On this day boyfriend and girlfriend express love. Let’s celebrate this Propose Day by saying I love you.

3. Chocolate Day – 9th Feb 2022

Let something sweet happen… Yes, this is the day to give chocolates to your partner. So that love starts with sweet memories. Partners feed chocolates or sweets to make their love sweeter. So that there is no dearth of sweetness in their love.

4. Teddy Day – 10th Feb 2022

The fourth day of Valentine Week is known as Teddy Day. On this day a cute and cute little teddy bear is gifted to the lover/girlfriend. Teddy is a very soft toy which is liked by everyone. Teddy Day is a gift-giving day if the lovers are to be believed. On this day you can gift a teddy bear to your partner. Who will always remind you of them?

5. Promise Day -11th Feb 2022

If any promise is made to your love partner on this day, then you will definitely make a promise to your partner on this day. That promise can always be kept together!

6. Hug Day – 12th Feb 2022

Well, there is no day for a hug. On this day lovers come closer to each other. Hug Day means to hug, lovers strengthen their love by embracing their partner. But the name of the day is ‘Hug Day’, so you have to give a hug of magic to your partner, don’t you?

7. Kiss Day – 13th Feb 2022

Kiss Day comes on February 13, a day before Valentine’s Day of Valentine Week. On this day, your lover/girlfriend expresses love by kissing her partner.

8. Valentine’s Day – 14th Feb 2022

The most important day of Valentine Week is the last day. This day is full of surprises. On this day lovers are with each other and spend full time.

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