Cris Collinsworth has been around football for his whole vocation. The Hall of Famer started out as a recipient with the Bengals and played eight seasons in the NFL prior to resigning.

He has been a piece of the NBC broadcast starting around 2009, and Super Bowl 56 will be the fifth Super Bowl he has called during his profession.

Collinsworth is the greater part proprietor of Pro Football Focus, an information innovation organization that tracks NFL details and execution. He has his fingers in various pots.

Collinsworth's ebb and flow contract at NBC pays him $4 million for each season, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. Be that as it may, he is hoping to arrange a lot bigger payday not long from now.

Collinsworth is wanting to land a four-year contract that attaches him to NBC through 2025. He is expecting to be paid $12.5 million for each season under the new arrangement.

Collinsworth played eight seasons with the Bengals from 1981 through 1988. he marked a four-year bargain worth an aggregate of $2.1 million.

Collinsworth's net worth is $20 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Quite a bit of that worth comes from his telecom profession, which has spread over thirty years after his NFL retirement.

All things considered, Collinsworth is likewise the greater part proprietor and CEO of Pro Football Focus, a football execution information and innovation organization.

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