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chapter 3

From March 20 until April 3, 2022, continues from all in-game buys in Fortnite will go towards compassionate help for individuals impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Epic Games has sent off the freshest period of its long-running fight royale game, Fortnite.

Named 'Opposition,' the update eliminates the capacity to fabricate guarded designs and adds a lot of skins, including Doctor Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The trailer follows a similar style as others, where we see a bunch of characters from the game duke it out against each other. 

Fortnite’s new season removes building, adds Doctor Strange and a new type of shield

In Chapter 3 season 2, Epic Games removed building, Fortnite’s signature mechanic. 

This time, Fortnite is additionally fusing a one-of-a-kind democratic framework,  where players can fund the Resistance in exchange for some helpful tools in-game.

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