How to Get Your Florida Fishing License 2023

started with your fishing license you are going to go to

already on this page, you scroll down and you hit licenses and permits. This will bring up a new screen with different types of licenses

ordering a recreational license. This will bring up a new screen with three different options.

Today we're going to focus on option one and go ahead and do this online. It will bring up a new screen that prompts you to create a customer account or log inwith an existing account.

I'm going to go ahead and be a returning customer and logging in and then just log in with my credentials so if you're an international customer if you're on vacation you would go ahead and click this if you're a citizen or permanent resident, you click on US citizen and then I'm going to go ahead

profile next you click on Purchase a license

then that will bring up different types of licenses that you can purchase I don recommend that you click on these predetermined combos because they include different add-ons you don necessarily need

I won't check out quite yet because I like to add a plastic card to my shopping cart and this just means that instead of printing out my license on a piece of paper or having to download the app and have it saved a plastic card that looks like a credit

found this valuable and more importantly enjoy your time fishing have a safe and wonderful time out on the water