Jen Psaki got COVID-19 twice

Jen Psaki has gotten vaccinated three times for the coronavirus, and in accordance with White House protocol, the president's press secretary had worn a mask while at work until the end of last month.

She also just got COVID-19 for the second time in exactly 140 days.

Psaki says that her infection, which she only detected with a PCR test in preparation for her (since-canceled) plan to join Biden's trip to Europe, has only resulted in mild symptoms.

And considering that fewer than 7% of all COVID-19 deaths documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention occurred among those younger than 50,

an apparently healthy 43-year-old would likely be safe from any severe illness from the virus, even if she hadn't been vaccinated, much less boosted.

In any sane world, a fully vaccinated young person contracting COVID-19 wouldn't be worthy of note.

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