Why do Phone cases Turn Yellow

Clear phone cases don’t actually turn yellow over time, they get more yellow.

All clear cases have a natural yellow tint to them. The case makers usually add a small amount of blue dye to offset the yellow, making it appear more crystal clear.

The materials play a big role in this as well. Not all clear cases get as yellow over time. Hard, inflexible clear cases don’t suffer from this nearly as much.

This natural aging process is called “material degradation.” There are several different environmental factors that contribute to it.

Ultraviolet light is a type of radiation. Over time, it breaks down the various chemical bonds that hold together the long polymer molecule chains that make up the case.

This creates many shorter chains, which accentuates the natural yellow color.

You can clean off all the buildup from the oils, sweat, and grease from your hands, but you can’t reverse the damage of ultraviolet light.

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