‘1883’ Producer Explains That Heartbreaking Finale

'1883' executive producer David Glasser tells The Hollywood Reporter about the twists in Sunday's finale and the future of the 'Yellowstone' prequel.

The Yellowstone prequel delivered a rather shockingly emotional and downright bleak ending to its first season finale.

1883 producer David Glasser tackled some of the burning questions left by the episode, aptly titled “This Is Not Your Heaven,” which was written by Dutton-verse’s prolific showrunner, Taylor Sheridan.

I have to admit: I didn’t think Elsa was going to die until about two minutes before she did.

I kept thinking she was probably essential to the Dutton family tree

And there was no way you guys were going to kill off your narrator and arguably your main character.

Taylor sort of teased you with it in the beginning, and what you really understand at the end of the day is that the entire journey comes together at the end.

For every single character, even down to our young boy John Dutton Jr., you can see where this goes forward in this journey.

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