DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins steps into starting lineup and drops 31 points for first time since 2018

Right off the bat in his profession, DeMarcus Cousins appeared as though he was poised to be the most predominant previous Kentucky Wildcats player ever.

He additionally tore his quad while with the Warriors. The recovery cycle has been long, and it's surely dialed him back a lot.

The large man who as of late finished paperwork for the rest of the period with the Denver Nuggets is authoritatively back.

Ruling MVP Nikola Jokić was out with a non-Covid disease. Whenever Jokic plays, Cousins just sees around 15-20 minutes for every game.

On Friday, he added up to 24 minutes and scored 31 focuses, besting 30 interestingly beginning around 2018.

Cousins also added in 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Let’s just say the fans also appreciate the effort of the 31-year-old center.

The Nuggets are now 11-1 with Cousins in the lineup, and while he’ll likely never be a full-time starter again, Cousins could be a quality backup for quite a while.

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