Gene Kelly’s Cold War Mission for JFK Revealed

He featured in perhaps of the most notorious melodic crossroads in film history, yet his significant other said that Gene Kelly likewise had an appearance in the Cold War.

Patricia Kelly was only 26 when she was shipped off make a narrative about the unbelievable artist, then 73. She before long turned into his biographer, and his third and last spouse.

Among the surprising tales she gathered about Kelly´s eventful life was his time as a cultural ambassador to Africa at the peak of the Cold War.

Kelly was close to US president John F Kennedy. "They were buddies," Patricia told AFP. "Gene used to sing Irish rebel songs with him in the White House."

It was not a fair fight, since Kelly´s movie "The Three Musketeers" had just been shown in Accra and

he ended up being chased down the street by people shouting "Dartagnan!" and had to take refuge in a public library, jumping onto the stacks.

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