How to Become a Wordle Master

Begin the game with a five-letter word that's filled with vowels. Some examples include audio, Oujia and Louie. All three have four vowels.

Another strategy is to kick off the game with a starting word that has a harmonious mix of the most common vowels and constants.

One interesting technique is to choose words with digraphs (e.g. "sh-", "st-" and "ch").

According to Vulture, "letter combinations like these can be found in either the beginning or end, so if 's, h' are highlighted in yellow, try it in a different part of the word.

Avoid gray letters in your subsequent guesses.

Gray indicates that the letter is not featured in the daily word, so keep them at bay so that Wordle can offer you new informative hints.

You only have six guesses; don't waste them by making Wordle regurgitate the same information.

Don't forget that letters can be repeated. The game's basic color code system won't give this away.

In the "knoll" example, guessing an "L" in either of the last two spots would have produced a green or in one of the first three spots would have produced a yellow.

..but neither would have tipped you off to a second "L" in the word.

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