How to Increase Height

1. HGH Supplements: If you are one of those people who like quick results, and then HGH is your answer to growing taller fast.

2. Balanced Diet: The importance of a balanced diet is emphasized time and again. No amount of exercise alone can help you grow taller.

3. Go Holidaying: Stress is said to inhibit your body’s ability to grow as it triggers hormones that do not go hand in hand with growth!

4. Sleep Well: A good night’s sleep not just invigorates your spirits but also is an important contributor to growth.

5. Massage Your Feet: Our feet carry us all day long tirelessly, and need their quota of TLC. Spend half an hour gently massaging the soles of your feet with warm coconut oil.

6. Perform Stretches: There is no better way to get taller than by exercising.

7. Hang from an Exercise Rod: Hanging on bars that are at least 6 to 8 feet above the ground is a great way to add on those inches naturally!

8. Cycling: If you thought cycling was tiring, now you have reason to cycle.

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