Iowa Tornado Kills 7 People

Tornado kills 7, including 2 children, near Des Moines, Iowa

The two children who died were under the age of five, Madison County Emergency Management Director Diogenes Ayala said.

The tornado, which ripped through multiple counties near Des Moines.

Also left one adult with life-threatening injuries and three others hospitalized in serious condition

The National Weather Service office in Des Moines said an initial estimate shows it was an EF3 tornado, with wind speeds of at least 136 miles per hour.

The tornado caused damage to several homes, buildings, power lines and vegetation, Lamb said in Sunday morning's release.

Two people were injured in Polk County, the sheriff's office said in a Facebook post.

Typically in March, severe weather is focused over the Gulf Coast states, from Texas to Florida.

Texas averages 11 tornadoes in March, while Iowa typically only sees two.

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