Johnny Depp suffered 'damaged nerves' during Pirates of the Caribbean

JOHNNY DEPP had an excruciating experience during the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean's second movie, Dead Man's Chest. 

The American star "lost feeling" in his foot after attempting a stunt on a tropical island. But he later laughed about it.

Johnny Depp had been offered a stunning measure of cash from Disney to get back in the saddle to the Pirates of the Caribbean establishment

It very well may be comparably well, taking into account Depp was engaged with awful and troublesome recording situations.

One enormous stunt injured the actor so much that he was left struggling to walk for "months".

The primary Pirates of the Caribbean film, 2003's The Curse of the Black Pearl, was a blockbuster raving success. It procured a huge $654 million in the cinematic world.

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