Kevin Feige opens up on Thor’s future in MCU

Chris Hemsworth has played Thor in over about six MCU films for north of 10 years however has implied as of late that he might be finished.

In a new public interview, Marvel films supervisor Kevin Feige focused on his future.

With the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is set to become the first superhero to get four solo movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Iron Man and Captain America had three. But as the release of the film approaches, many have wondered whether Thor will be around in the MCU much longer. 

Chris himself has indicated that this might be his last Marvel film. In a new press occasion for the film, Marvel films manager Kevin Feige tended to Thor's future.

 Kevin Feige, who heads Marvel Studios, was asked about Thor’s future in the MCU after Love and Thunder. 

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