Kim Kardashian Thinks Meat Affected Her Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian just said that eating meat before the Met Gala made her psoriasis worse.

Allure says that the reality star was diagnosed with psoriasis in 2011. Psoriasis is a "common skin condition that causes patches of red, scaly skin."

She said that eating meat at the Met Gala made the problem worse and that she is usually a vegetarian and prefers a plant-based diet because of her skin condition.

Kim also mentioned, “I had breakouts all over my body as well as psoriatic arthritis so severe that I had trouble moving my hands.”

“It was really painful, and I had to go to a rheumatologist who put me on a steroid. I was freaking out. I cut out the meat again, and it’s calmed down,” she explained.

Also, Kim's diet for the Met Gala was said to be controversial because health experts said that cutting carbs could be dangerous and is not recommended for most people.


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