Love and Leashes

'Love and Leashes' is about a sentiment between two individuals of various characters. the sexual dream of one of them is uncovered.

'Love and Leashes' is one more endeavor by a streaming major to charm crowds through Korean substance. Tragically, this time the work pays off just somewhat.

This rom-com rotates around two office partners unexpectedly having a similar name - Jung Ji Hoo and Jung Ji Woo.

'Love and Leashes' contacts a subject that is common in western nations yet around here is a somewhat new idea.

The film likewise demystifies numerous fantasies related with the strength and accommodation variables of BDSM. Eventually, it stays a film about sexual inclinations and sexual opportunity

However this film isn't bolting contrasted with the new K dramatizations that have come from Korea, it merits a dekko on the sheer force of its subject.

In February 2021, at the Netflix content street show 'See What's Next Korea 2021', they reported the creation of a sentiment film likely named as Moral Sense

Love never hurt so good for two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners in consensual play, pleasure and pain.

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