most popular cat breeds in america

 Abyssinians are thought to most accurately resemble the hunting cats painted in ancient Egyptian tombs.

One of the more affectionate breeds, Ragdolls will often follow their humans around, greet them at the door and hope for a spot in bed

American Shorthair
Kind, playful, and knock-your-socks-off-cute when they’re first born, American Shorthair cats have long been a popular breed in the U.S.

Bengals are generally active and playful in a kitten-like way, even at an older age.

Scottish Fold
The Scottish Fold cat is most distinguishable for its lack of cartilage in its ears. 

 They have a reputation for being smart and easy to train. 

The Persian cat is always showing up on the CFA’s list of most popular breeds.

Russian Blue
Russian Blue cats have short, soft coats in variations of dark grey and silver. 

Maine Coon
Beloved for their seemingly wild appearance, Maine Coon cats are large—with males growing as big as 18 pounds and the females reaching as many as 12 pounds

 Siamese cats are most often cream-colored, with grey-brown paws and icy blue eyes. 

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