Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate cancer risk checker

How to check your risk level with online tool and key symptoms explained

Men have been urged to use an online prostate cancer risk checker as the NHS seeks to find the nation’s “missing” patients.

Prostate Cancer UK has warned that around 14,000 men in England could have undiagnosed cancer and may be in need of urgent treatment.

The condition is treatable if caught early, which is why the charity is working with NHS England to find patients reluctant to visit a doctor during the pandemic.

You can access the online tool on the Prostate Cancer UK website

It allows you to check your prostate cancer risk levels in 30 seconds by asking three simple questions

1. How old are you? 2. Has your father or brother had prostate cancer?
3. Black men are more at risk of prostate cancer. Do you have black or mixed black ethnicity?

From your answers, the checker will give you a brief analysis of people that match your age range, family history and ethnicity.

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