Undertaker Appearance for SummerSlam

The Undertaker might have resigned from the ring, yet that won't prevent WWE from focusing on him at each open door.

The next time 'Taker will be needed is SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, and the Dead Man has answered the call to put on a one man show… or 1 deadMAN show… on Friday, July 29th.

The Undertaker: 1 deadMAN Show is happening on Friday night, July 29 at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tenn. as part of SummerSlamWeek.

As per a public statement, The Undertaker will share "never-before-heard stories from his Hall of Fame profession" in an "close setting," as well as answer inquiries from the crowd.

Tickets for the occasion will be marked down next Tuesday. Tickets for SummerSlam are at a bargain now, on the off chance that you need another thing to do.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement is the verbiage used: Undertaker 1 deadMAN Show will "debut" on July 29th, hinting there could be repeat performances.

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