Zendaya Plans to Direct an Episode in Season 3 of ‘Euphoria’

Fans were thrilled when Zendaya said she was going to direct an episode of Euphoria's upcoming third season.

During a question-and-answer session for Vogue Italia, the actor from Spider-Man: No Way Home was asked when she would direct an episode of the American teen drama.

The 25-year-old woman said that she was supposed to direct an episode of the HBO show's second season, but she didn't have time.

“It’s funny,” Zendaya replied. “I was actually supposed to direct episode 6, but then I had to act in it.”

“I didn’t have enough time, so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to this time around,” she added. “I wanted to have enough time to do it the right way.”

“So, next season probably,” Zendaya shared.


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