What is Fastag? | Fastag kya hai Full Details 2022

What is Fastag
What is Fastag

Technology is changing day by day in every field. With the digital transformation, our lives have become more convenient and efficient. And the Government of India is trying to make the entire country cashless. If you are a vehicle owner then you must have heard the name of FASTag.

It is very important for you to know what is Fastag and how it works. Because if you pass through the toll gate without FASTag, you may have to pay double the fee or fine.

The government has used FASTags to facilitate the traffic at the toll gate. With this, you will not need to keep cash with you nor will you have to stop at the toll gate. If you use FASTags then automatic money will be deducted from your connected account.

FASTag has also been made mandatory on its national highways on October 19, 2019. From December 1, it is mandatory to have a FASTag in your car or any vehicle to pay toll tax across the country.

Or you may have to pay double the tax. There are many such questions that are confusing the general public regarding FASTag. Like what is FASTag? how to use it? Why is this necessary etc. So do not worry, in this post you will be told about FASTag in detail.

What is Fastag? | Fastag kya hai

What is Fastag? | Fastag kya hai

fasting kya hai in Hindi – FASTag is a type of electronic toll collection technology. Which is run by the government body of India, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It is a system that uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) technology.

With the help of this technology, you will no longer have to use cash or cards at toll booths. Toll tax is deducted directly from your account. And for this, you don’t have to park your car in a long line of toll booths. Stickers are affixed to your car’s windscreen with an RFID chip.

On exposure to the toll booth, the system is activated and the fee is paid from your digital wallet or bank account.

Benefit of FASTag

  • Easy toll payment.
  • You will get rid of the lobby line of toll tax. You do not need to park the car to pay taxes.
  • For this you can do online recharge.
  • You will be able to know how much toll you have paid through SMS.
  • The validity of FASTag will be 5 years.
  • This will also benefit the environment. And at the same time paper will also be saved.
  • Due to its installation, your time is saved, as a result you can complete your work quickly and reach home early and spend more time with family.
  • Problems like traffic are solved to a great extent. Along with this, you do not feel tired even after driving.
  • Usually a very big problem which is seen is that you do not have retail money during this time to pay toll, if you use FASTag, then money is deducted from your account connected to FASTag. You don’t need separate money.

How to get FASTag

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has authorized 22 banks in India to provide FASTag cards to individuals. These 22 banks have established more than 28000 point-of-sale terminals across India along with NHAI plazas, common service centers, petrol pumps, and transport hubs.

You can get FASTag at the toll gate, or from banks, or from any registered agency, or you can also order this tag from Amazon, Flipkart, or Paytm. Or you can also order FASTag through the official app of MyFASTag.

You can find your nearest FASTag Selling Center by clicking on this link IMHCL. Enter your Pincode by state or district, and it will show you where you can find this tag.

You will need this document for this tag.

  • Vehicle registration certificate (RC Book)
  • Passport size photo of the owner of the vehicle
  • Any document for KYC (PASSPORT, AADHAR, Driving License, etc.)

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How to get started with FASTag?

After its arrival, you will have to activate your FASTag. For which you will use an app named My FASTag. Fill in the details given by you link it with the tag and link it with your bank account. Then you can recharge in this wallet. The minimum recharge for this would be Rs 100.

If you are a Limited KYC FASTag Holder. So you can do a maximum recharge of Rs 50,000 in the wallet. If you are a full KYC holder, then you can keep up to 1 lakh in your FASTag wallet.

After doing this, you will have to put this tag sticker in your car. You can attach this tag to the windshield of the car from the inside. where it is not damaged. You can’t use one tag sticker on two cars, so you’ll have to buy two tags.

How to recharge FASTag card?

If you have linked your FASTag card with your savings account or current account, then there is no need to recharge it. In that case, all you need to do is to ensure that your linked bank account has sufficient balance to pay the toll tax.

If you have linked the card with any prepaid digital wallet, you will need to recharge it when your balance gets depleted. You can recharge the digital wallet through UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, NEFT, Net Banking, etc.

FASTag recharge is very easy through UPI apps like Paytm and Google Pay. Here are the various steps to do FASTag recharge through Google Pay or other UPI Apps.

  • Login to Google Play Apps and scroll down.
  • There you will see some Businesses Icon, click on Explore next to it.
  • Now type FASTag in the search bar.
  • Now, select the bank that has issued the FASTag.
  • After that enter your vehicle number / vehicle registration number.
  • After that enter the recharge amount.
  • complete the payment.

FASTag Balance Check kaise kare ?

Whenever you pass through a toll gate, money is automatically deducted from the account linked to your FASTag. After this, it is told through SMS on your registered mobile how many balances have been deducted from your FASTag or how many are remaining.

You can also check your balance by giving missed calls to a Toll-free number: +91-8884333331. Below are the steps to check FASTag balance according to different types of issuers.

My FASTag App – For this, you must be a prepaid customer of FASTag and your mobile number should be registered. Open My FASTag App on your Smartphone. There you can choose to view your prepaid wallet balance.

Bank Linked FASTags – Banks have a page on their different websites/apps to check FASTag balance. You log in with your details on the FASTag login page of the bank as per your bank. This will take you to the page with your account details and FASTag balance.

Paytm Linked FASTag – Users who have linked their FASTag to a prepaid wallet like Paytm can check the balance through Wallet Apps. Paytm users can go to the Account Balance and History section of the app to check the FASTag balance.

FASTag Customer Care Number

If you have any queries related to FASTag, then you can get help from the customer care number for this. Its customer care number has been shared below for your convenience.

FASTag Customer Care Number: 7047959282,9163048525

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What is the FASTag Customer Care Number?

FASTag Customer Care Number is:- 7047959282,9163048525

What is the validity period of FASTag?

The validity of FASTag is 5 years and after purchasing it, all you need to do is recharge or top up the tag as per your requirement.

How much has to be paid to recharge FASTag?

If you recharge FASTag from the bank for the first time, then for this you can recharge with 200 ₹, after that you can get the amount recharged from whatever amount you want. The information about the maximum limit is given in the above post.

From where can new users buy their first FASTag?

For this, you can get FASTag through various channels existing at Point-of-Sale (POS) in bank branches in addition to toll plazas on National Highways. The detailed information is given in the above post.


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