White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO क्या हैं? | What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO
White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO और Black Hat SEO

Have you heard about White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO? Do you want to know what is Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO? You must have heard about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. It is used by big SEO Experts and Webmasters to get their website a higher ranking in Google.

If we talk about Black Hat SEO, then these are the techniques using which the ranking of a website is increased by violating the rules of Search Engine. On the other hand, White Hat SEO is a technique under which the ranking of the website is increased keeping in mind the rules of Google. You must have seen the role of Hero and Villain in movies.

There is a hero who walks on the path of truth and there is a villain who does not care about truth and rules, his only aim is to be successful. Even here, Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO also means something in the same way.

As you all know that to rank any website in Google, we have to use different techniques. Google always updates its ranking system by launching new algorithms and for this, it is necessary that we also make changes in our SEO techniques so that the place for our websites in search engines remains.

Today in this post we will talk about specific Techniques of SEO whose name is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Today we are going to tell in detail what is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO and what are the important techniques used in it.

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO क्या है?

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is an SEO technique in which unethical practices are used to improve the ranking and authority of a website. It has nothing to do with the rules made by search engines like Google, far and wide. Under this, a website is created by targeting only Search Engines. In this, it does not matter whether the website is beneficial for any user or not.

Black Hat SEO Techniques is punishable by search engines. It can be caught by the Search Engine Algorithm. If you are caught violating the rules made by the search engine, then you can get harsh punishment and your website may be removed from the search engine forever. We will not advise you to use Black Hat SEO Techniques at all. Our aim is to tell about these techniques just for knowledge.

On the other hand, if we talk about White Hat SEO, then it is just the opposite of Black Hat SEO. The purpose of White Hat SEO is also to improve the ranking and authority of a website in the search engine, but in this, all the work is done taking care of the rules made by the search engine. White Hat SEO does not pose any threat to Search Engines. Its purpose is to make the website better for both the search engine and the user. You must have heard the names of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, they are both parts of White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO because it includes such SEO practices which are adopted keeping in view the rules made by the search engines.

If seen, using the Black Hat SEO technique is easier than the White Hat SEO technique but if you are caught then you can be punished by Search Engine. That’s why we would never recommend you to use Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO Which one is more Effective for SEO?

If seen simply, using the Black Hat SEO technique can get your website a higher ranking in a very short time but it is difficult to say how long the technology used by you will last. In this way, Black Hat SEO is more effective but it can be used for a short period of time because it is not possible to always sit as great in the eyes of search engines by using such a technique. Today Search Engine is also very smart and seeing such unethical actions will remove your website from Search Engine Result Pages immediately.

On the other hand, White Hat SEO can be used for a long time and for a long time. Because Black Hat SEO does not have to pay any penalty from the search engine and the techniques used in it are applicable for both the search engine and the users. The only difference in the effectiveness of both is that by using Black Hat SEO, you can achieve success in less time but this technique will not work forever. And White Hat SEO is effective for a long time.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

As I mentioned earlier, by using Black Hat SEO, the website is ranked on the first page of the search engine without following the rules of SEO. The most commonly used techniques within Black Hat SEO are given below-

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is one of the best techniques of Black Hat SEO. Using the same keyword repeatedly to rank a post on the Targeted Keyword in Search Engine is called Keyword Stuffing. Keyword Stuffing means adding keywords even in those places where it is not needed. Such content gets ranked in the search engine because it has high keyword density. But such content is not worth reading by the user. At random keywords annoy the users in the middle of the article.

Google says to create such a page on the website which is beneficial for the user. Do not create a page that does not look organic and which annoys users. If you are caught doing keyword stuffing by the search engine, then your website may be taken out of the search engine forever. So focus on writing quality content with the right Keyword Density.

Paid Backlink is also a Black Hat SEO Technique that is being used by big companies and SEO Experts today. You also know how beneficial backlink is for increasing the authority and ranking of our website. But if you buy and sell backlinks then you can be punished.

Google and other search engines are directly against the buying and selling of backlinks. Google says that you cannot buy trust for your website with your own money because backlinks are a form of trust for a website. According to search engines, buying or selling backlinks is a link infringement, and you can be penalized for such activity at any time.

If you have bought a backlink for your website by paying money, then get it removed by asking the owner of that website. If you can’t get it removed, you can use the Google Disavow Tool. Make a list of the website from which you have purchased the backlink and submit it to this tool. If you do this, then Google will not count these backlinks while determining the ranking for your website.

Scrap Content

Scrap Content means publishing such content on the website which has no value. This is absolutely Black Hat SEO Techniques because you also know that Google likes Unique and Fresh Content. Scrap content is content that has been copied from another website or generated through a tool. Google Panda Algorithm was launched in 2011 by Google to eliminate such unethical activities. After this update, sites using low-quality content were punished. Due to which there was an immediate drop in their traffic.

If you are copying the article for the website or blog from any other place and writing the same to the same publication or generating it through any tool, then avoid doing this. Write content that is beneficial to users and easy to read. Take special care of Grammar Errors occurring in the article.

Hidden Text

Hidden Text means to hide the text. This black hat SEO technique is similar to keyword stuffing. People do this because the text is visible only to the search engines. People make excessive use of keywords by matching the colour of the text to the background colour of the website. Apart from this, they reduce the font size of the text and use more keywords by putting hidden tags. Because by doing this it is not visible to the user, but that text is visible to the search engines and they also crawl such text.

Doing so is against the rules of Search Engines. If you do this then you can get a better ranking in search engines for some time but later you can easily get caught. You can hide the text from users in any way, but many advanced users and website developers can catch you doing this and report your website. Therefore, avoid doing such a thing, otherwise, you can be punished.

Link Farming is also a Black Hat SEO Technique, under which a website is created just for the purpose of getting Backlinks. For example, suppose you have created 10 websites and in turn added links to each other websites in all the websites. By doing this your website got backlinks from 10 websites. Many people also create many websites to give backlinks to only one website.

Websites made for link farming mostly have low-quality content and each article has a lot of outbound links. But such methods of getting backlinks have been considered spam. If you create backlinks by doing unethical work then you can be punished by search engines.

Doorway Page

Doorway Page is a Black Hat SEO Technique. Doorway pages are defined as low-quality pages, which act as a door between the user and the content. This page does not contain any correct information for the user. Such a page is made only for search engines. There is a Javascript in such a post so that the users are redirected to another page as soon as they come to it.

In the eyes of search engines, using Black Hat SEO Techniques like Doorway Page is directly against the rules. If you do this you can be punished.

White Hat SEO Techniques

As I mentioned earlier, White Hat SEO basically follows all the rules of Search Engines. The most important of these principles is “Building your website for the benefit of the people, not the search engines”. Keyword Research, Backlink, Link Popularity, Link Building etc. are important White Hat SEO Techniques. Let us know in detail about White Hat SEO Techniques.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important SEO techniques. Without doing keyword research and using it appropriately, it is impossible to create an article that ranks well on search engines. While doing keyword research, it is important to pay attention to what users are searching for and what kind of information they need. After that use those keywords in the post you write. This is a White Hat SEO Technique for which no one can penalize you. This is a legal way to get your website ranked in search engines.

Quality Content

Using the keywords found in Keyword Research, write a better article in which all the queries of the user are solved. Keep in mind that write the content yourself. If the article generated from any other source or through any tools is called Low Quality, then do not do this. Bold, Italic, Underline the Keyword as per the need in the post and put a link to another post in between it. Also, add images and videos to it so that the user can understand the topic easily.

Apart from this, keep in mind that there should not be any Grammar Mistakes in it. Apart from this, keep the paragraph short and simple. If you use proper Headings and Subheadings, then Quality Content is created in this way. By doing this your post will definitely rank in search engines. And all the methods mentioned in it are legal, so you do not even have to worry about its ranking down in future.

By publishing the URL of your website on the blogs of other websites, we get a backlink for our website. This increases the value of the website in the search engine and the ranking is good. This happens when the owner of a website is writing an article for himself and puts a link to your website in it. But this is possible when the ranking of your site is good and the authority of your website is good. So now you will think that how to get backlinks.

You can give a link to your website by visiting another website through Comments, Forum, Guest Post etc. You can give a link to your website’s home page or any other page there. It comes under the category of White Hat SEO. A backlink is very important to increase the importance and acceptance of any site. But it is like a poll. There is no way to increase it.

On Page Optimization

Writing quality content is not the only way to optimize a blog post for a keyword. There are various on-page SEO factors like Meta description, Header Tag, Title Tag and Alt Tag for Image in which keywords are targeted by including keywords. Some of these things send signals about the page to the search engines.

If you do internal linking in all website content and all pages, then this is also a good thing as it makes it easier for visitors to navigate the site. And they can read any post according to their need. You can use keywords in the anchor text of an internal link and give more clues to search engines about the page. Make sure you keep the anchor text associated with the page you’re linking to.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page, Optimization refers to factors that are not on your website but are very influential for your website. This includes all directory submissions and sharing website links on various social media. Both of these works yield very good results. Apart from this, Backlink is also a part of Off Page Optimization.

If you use these white hat SEO techniques then the ranking of your website will definitely improve. White hat SEO techniques can be a bit troublesome but provide satisfactory results for your website in future.

Final Words

Today in this post I told about what is Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO and you also learned about White Hat SEO Techniques Vs Black Hat SEO Techniques. I hope this information will be beneficial for you. If you liked this post, then definitely share it on social media and if you have any questions related to the blog and website, then definitely tell us by commenting.


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