How to Use USB on Vizio Smart TV 2023 – Manual for Users

In today’s technology, there are many options available for entertainment and TV is being used the most. Vizio Smart TV comes at a cheap price so, people can afford it easily and users are happy because they find good functionality like a USB port, connect mobile phone easily, assistant voice and many more. Vizio Smart TV is in demand now but Users have problems sometimes with the USB port. So, Here we bring the article for how to USB on Vizio Smart TV.

Keep this in mind:

  • Make sure you have a FAT or FAT 32 USB Flash drive.
  • Images and MP3 files must be in these formats.
  • Insert USB Flash drive into USB port
  • Now you can choose to browse and click ok and a window will pop up.

Can I Play Video from USB on Vizio Smart TV

Yes, You can Play Video from USB on Vizio Smart TV but there are some conditions that must be fulfilled:

  • The video should be in MP4 Format.
  • Video Codec should be H. 264.
  • The audio codec should be aac.

There are many users facing these problems, sometimes if the video is not in mp4 then it cannot generate a problem.

Does Vizio Tv have USB ports?

Vizio Tv have USB ports

Usually, most Vizio TVs have ports but that is changing with different TV models. Some ports are used for HDMI and some ports are used for USB. So, we can simply say that in the latest model, you will find a USB port.

How many USB Ports are available on Vizio Tv?

It depends on the Vizio TV model. It comes with 1 or more USB ports and there are more ports available in TV that are used for different purposes like HDMI.

Can I stream videos through USB?

Yes, You can Stream Videos on Vizio TV via USB.

What is the use of USB on Vizio Smart TV?

You can use a USB port to charge your mobile through a cable. You can easily transfer some files to your Vizio TV. If you want to know how can I connect my mobile to the TV through USB then follow these steps:

  • You just have to connect your mobile to USB via cable.
  • Now, Some options will pop up on your screen.
    • If you want to charge your smartphone then select the charge option.
    • If you want to select transfer files then you can transfer some files easily.
  • When your work is done you can eject your phone.

Can I connect my Mobile to the TV with USB?

Yes, Through a Micro USB cable, you can connect your mobile phone to the TV very fast and also transfer some files also.

How someone can connect the USB to the TV without a remote?

Vizio tv and USB port

Follow these Steps:

  • Search and Click on the VIERA Tools.
  • You will see some options there and click Media player from a USB drive.

In what condition are we required to connect USB to the TV without a Remote?

If your remote is broken or lost and you want to connect your TV to the Internet. At that time you can use this method.

Which formats can Play My TV via USB?

There are only a few formats that can Play Vizio TV via USB:

  • FAT12
  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • exFAT

How can I know if my USB is corrupted?

If you want to check whether your USB is corrupted or not then connect your PC and USB. Open My Computer and right-click on a USB drive and choose the properties section and open it. Locate the Tools tab and find the check button and click on it and You will find whether your USB is corrupted or not.

Can I Play 4k video from USB to TV?

Yes, You can play 4k Video on Vizio TV via USB with these simple steps:

  • Make a connection between the USB port and the USB flash drive.
  • Open Menu
  • Choose Video Player > Preferred Content

My Vizio TV is not recognized my USB

Sometimes this problem occurs. In this situation, First, you can check whether your TV has an internet connection or not. If your device is not formatted in the FAT32 file system then this problem often happened.

You can resolve this issue by reformatting your USB memory to the FAT32 file system. For this, you have to use your Computer. I hope you got the answer.

Video: How to Use USB on Vizio Smart TV 2023

If you want to watch practically then you can watch this video.


I hope your problem must be solved through this article. The main reason for USB not working or supporting is only a formate problem. Most of the time people are facing this problem. So, just be sure that you are using the correct formatting.


Can USB be used for Display?

Yes, You can use USB for Display.

Can I play MP4 files on my Vizio TV via USB Flash Drive?

Yes, you just have to locate the USB device through your TV remote.

Can you use a USB on Vizio TV?

Yes, you just have to create a connection between the TV and your device.

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