Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working? – Fixed Solution

If you Peacock App on your Vizio TV then you must get errors sometimes. Sometimes Vizio Peacock App is not working properly because the Peacock app has some technical bugs.

Peacock App is available in only a few countries like the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, and Italy. They are trying to expand their App to other countries but they are facing some technical bugs, especially in Vizio Smart TV.

When you open the Peacock App and try to play a video in 4k then you must face a Performance issue and you will get an unwanted error. So, here We will give you the all solutions regarding “Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working“.

Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working?

It can be many reasons for not working Peacock App on Vizio Smart TV. The issue can be in Peacock TV or Vizio Smart TV. You have to find out where is the issue. Is it in your Vizio Smart TV or Peacock TV?

If you don’t know how to find the issue then don’t worry. Here in this article, we shared with you the troubleshooting option. You can try all the methods until you got the issue and then you can solve your problem.

How To Fix The Peacock App On a Vizio Smart TV?

There are various solutions to fix the peacock App on a Vizio Smart TV. Here we will show you one by one all the solutions in detail. You can follow these techniques to solve the issue.

Power cycle your Vizio TV

Power cycle your Vizio TV

The first and most common troubleshooting option is to power Cycle your Vizio Smart TV. By this, you can release or clear the temporary data that preventing to run the App. Let’s see how you can do it.

  • Remove the Vizio TV Plug from the Power outlet.
  • Wait for at least 60-70 seconds.
  • Now you can Plugin the Power outlet.
  • Turn on the Vizio TV and check if your issue is solved or not.

If the issue still persists then go for the second troubleshooting option.

Clear Cache and Clear Data

Sometimes after the Power cycle, the temporary data can’t be removed totally. For this, you can clear the Cache and Clear data in your App and Vizio TV by doing this manually.

  • Pick up your Vizio Tv remote.
  • Click the Home Button and then Go to settings.
  • Find the Apps option and then go to App Manager.
  • Now find the Peacock App and click on the Clear Cache option.
  • The other option Clear data you will see. Click on it and clear the data.

Now you need to log in again to your Peacock App and then check if is it working or not.

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Uninstall Peacock App from Vizio Smart TV

By uninstalling the peacock App, you can solve your problem. If you want to uninstall the Peacock App then follow this procedure.

  • Take your Vizio TV Remote Control.
  • Click the menu Button and Go to Apps.
  • There you will find Peacock App and click on it.
  • Now you will see uninstall button. press the uninstall button.
  • It will start Uninstalling. Once it is done then start Install.

By this, Your problem will be solved. if your Peacock app is not updated then this trick will help you to solve the issue.

Reset your Vizio TV

The other option you can try is resetting your Vizio TV. Most of the time resetting is the best option to solve the issue. So, let’s try this method also.

  • On your Vizio TV remote Press the menu button.
  • You will find the system option and click on it.
  • Go to Reset & Admin option there.
  • Now you will see the factory reset option.
  • Click on it and Tap yes.
  • Now your Vizio TV will reset and Now again download and log in to Peacock App.

The issue must be solved by this trick. If not then don’t worry, We have other solutions also.

Check if Peacock is down

Many times Servers can be busy and This server takes Peacock App Down. For this, you have to check if the Peacock App is Down or not.

Peacock App is Down

You can check their official website. For some reason if it is down they will definitely update on their official website or you can check their social media too.

Reset your WiFi Router

The other major reason is your internet. If your internet has some issue then the Peacock App Cannot be run. To cross-verify you can check with your device like Smart Phone or Tablet or Desktop.

To reset Wifi router remove the Plug from the Power outlet. Wait for around 60 seconds and Plugin the wifi wire. Now check your App.

Update your Vizio TV

Sometimes the Version of the App is up to date but your Vizio TV is not updated. If your Vizio Tv is to be updated then this issue happens. So, you have to update your Vizio Tv. To update follow these steps.

  • Go to the settings in your Vizio smart TV.
  • Now locate the System Option.
  • Once you are found click on the check for updates.
  • If there is any update available it will show you.
  • If yes, then update it and restart your Vizio TV.

This is the most effective solution. We hope these above solutions help you to solve your problem.

Video: Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working?

Here we attach a video of “Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working“. You can watch and find the issue.

Final Words

In this article, we shared with you “Why Vizio Peacock App is not Working“. We hope you read this whole article and you found your solution from this. If you have any queries then you can comment down below and tell us. Also, you can contact us.


How to log in to Peacock TV?

To log in you have to visit peacock tv.com/tv.

Can I download Peacock App on Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, You can Download Peacock App on Vizio Smart TV. Go to Vizio TV App Store Search Peacock TV and click on the Download Button. Your App will be downloaded.

Is Peacock TV free?

No, Peacock Tv is not free. You have to take a subscription plan. The subscription starts at $4.99/month.

How Much is Peacock TV?

There are some plans you can take. The plans start at $4.99/month and also the other plan is $9.99/month. If you want to know the all plans please visit the official website.

Does Peacock TV provide a free trial?

No, Peacock TV doesn’t have any free trial. You have to take a subscription of a minimum of $4.99/month.

Does Peacock have live TV?

Yes, Peacock TV provides 50+ on-demand live channels. You can watch many channels on that.

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