How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote- Full guide

If you don’t know where is your Remote & you want to control the volume but you don’t know How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote then Don’t worry. We have some ways to solve this issue.

It is quite frustrating when you can’t find your Remote or Maybe when your Remote is broken. You can do many things to solve this issue like Purchase a new Remote, Use TV volume Buttons, Use Smartcast App, and many more to come in this Article.

Use Vizio Smart TV Volume Button

So, The first method is you can use the Vizio Smart TV volume Button. You will find it on the backside of your Vizio TV. There is also a Power button available there. You will find the Volume button near the Power button.

Vizio Smart TV Volume Button

If you don’t have a remote then you can Turn on your Tv using the Power button that is on your TV’s Backside. If you want to Turn up the Volume then you have to press the Up arrow and If you want to decrease the volume then you can Press Down Arrow.

If your Vizio TV doesn’t have Volume buttons then you can go with the next solution.

Use the Vizio Tv Smartcast App

The second method is you can use the Vizio TV Smartcast App. Here are the steps that you should Follow.

  • First Install the Smartcast App on your Vizio TV.
  • Launch the Smartcast App.
  • Login to your Account and wait for the receive notification.
  • Now on your smartphone find the cast option.
  • Choose the cast option and click on available devices.
  • Find your Vizio TV name there and click on it.
  • Now your Vizio Tv receives Request from your Smartphone.
  • Accept the request and Now your Devices are connected to each other.
  • Now you can Turn up the volume from your phone.

This the steps that you should try to change the volume. If you find these steps complicated then you can try the next process.

Use a Smartphone with an IR Sensor

If you have a Smartphone with an IR sensor then this will be the best solution for your Vizio TV to Change Volume. The IR Sensor will be at the Upside of your smartphone. You just go with below simple steps.

  • On your Smartphone go to the Play Store.
  • Search any remote App.
  • Once you found Download the App.
  • Now launch the App and complete the Signup Process.
  • Now search your TV name.
  • Once you found your TV click on it and Start the Process of Pairing.
  • Click on the Power button 2-3 times then you will see whether it is connected or not.
  • If it is connected then you can change the Volume of your Vizio TV.

Use Universal Remote

Use Universal Remote

There is another option also available and that is you can use Universal Remote. You can buy a new Universal Remote from the shop and if you have a Universal remote then you just have to Programm that remote. You can program using different Universal codes.

You have to check all codes to check that your Universal remote is working towards your TV or not. So, if you don’t know what the code is or how to use Universal Remote for your Vizio TV, or How to set up Universal Remote then you can read the below Article.

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Connect Soundbar

If you have an External Speaker or Soundbar then you can control your Vizio TV Volume easily. Because Every Soundbar has its own Remote Control and you can use that to control your TV Volume.

If Soundbar has not remote then you can find the volume button on the Speakers. They give a button or a circle bar you can use to change the volume.

So, These are the solutions you can try for How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote. You can use any solutions from above.

Vizio TV Volume Button Not Working

If your Vizio TV Remote volume button is not working then the remote has some issues. You can try these methods to solve this issue.

Power Cycle The Remote

  • At the backside of your remote, you will find the Batteries section.
  • Remove the Batteries from your Remote.
  • Now Find the Power button on your Remote.
  • Press and hold for 5-10 Seconds.
  • After this Press all buttons on the remote to check whether the button is not stuck.
  • Now Place the batteries in your remote and check now.
  • If your Remote is working fine then don’t worry and if don’t then try another solution that is given below.

Troubleshoot The Issue

Find where the Problem is. You can do some Troubleshoot.

  • Remove the object from the Sensor – Look Properly whether the object is there or not. If any object closes the sensor to get a signal then it will not work. Sometimes Plastic wrap can be the issue. So, if any plastic wrapper you found then you have to remove it.
  • Change Batteries – You can check the batteries are not outdated. You can put in new batteries and check whether your remote is working or not.
  • Try a Different Remote – If you have another Vizio Remote then you can find where is the issue. Because issue can be in your TV. So, Check the remote and if your remote is working properly then the problem is in your first Remote, and if don’t then it can a issue in your Device.

The last solution is to replace your Remote or Purchase a new one. So, these are the solutions for How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote.

Video: How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote?

You can watch this video on How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote.

Final words

Now the time is to wrap up this article How to change the Volume on Vizio TV without a Remote. we hope you got your solution. If you have a query then you can us in the comment section.

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