How to Change Vizio TV Resolution 2023 – Explained

Many users are facing issues to change Vizio TV resolution. People are getting frustrated by this problem but don’t worry, Here we make a full detailed article on how to change Vizio TV resolution.

How do I change my Vizio TV screen Resolution?

You can set TV resolution according to your TV size but you have to change or adjust the proper resolution with aspect ratio otherwise you cannot enjoy watching TV. Here we give you some tips, Follow these instructions.

  • Take a remote control and find the Menu button and click on it.
  • In your TV you will find the system option, click on it and select the Aspect ratio of the screen.
  • Now according to your Vizio TV select the perfect aspect ratio.

Does My Vizio TV support 1080p Resolution?

Yes, Almost Every Vizio TV support 1080p resolution. You have to set your resolution to 1080p.

How can you change your Vizio TV to 1080p resolution?

You can change your Vizio TV to 1080p resolution through these steps:

  • Take a Remote control and Press Menu Button.
  • Now find the Picture button that is located at the high arrow side.
  • Click on the Picture button. Now you can choose your resolution there.

How can you change your Vizio TV from 480p to 1080p?

Many users sometimes face the problem to change the resolution from 480p to 1080p. We bring solutions for that.

  • Find the arrow key and press that.
  • Now you will see a wide menu.
  • Click on the Wide option and press OK.

It will change the settings of Vizio TV to 1080p resolution.

How can you change the display format from 720p to 1080p?

Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Find the settings option and press it.
  • Now locate the Aspect ratio and High definition and click on the OK button.

How can I check My TV resolution?

  • Click the Menu button on your remote Control.
  • Now find the TV screen resolution option there.

You will there which resolution already selected. From there you can change the resolution according to your choice.

What is the meaning of an Aspect Ratio?

The Area of Height and width is called Aspect Ratio. There are many types of ratios out here. One is 4:3, another one is 16:9 and many more. Your Ratio can’t decide your TV’s quality or resolution.

I can’t change the Vizio TV resolution

Sometimes this issue arises. when you face this issue you just have to check whether your Zoom mode is on or off. If It is on then you have to turn it off. Here are the instructions for how to turn off Zoom Mode.

  • Find the Menu Button and Click on it.
  • Scroll down and Select the System option.
  • Locate Accessibility and find the Zoom mode option there.
  • Now you can turn it ON or OFF.

After this, you can try to change the resolution also.

How many Modes are on my Vizio TV?

Vizio TV comes with many modes. Every mode has its own use and you can use it whenever you want. We will explain them one by one to you.

  • Normal Mode: This mode is by default mode. When you buy your TV at that time it comes with a Normal Mode setting. Normal Mode most used mode because it looks natural and the aspect ratio is proper so, the screen looks natural and HD. So, if you don’t know in which mode should I watch TV then this mode is standard and we recommend you watch in normal mode.
  • Zoom Mode: In this mode, you can see your TV video or images become more large and big. You can choose this mode when you want a large image.
  • Wide Mode: This mode stretched your whole TV screen. Maybe you don’t like to see it but some people are watching in this mode also.
  • Panoramic Mode: Panoramic Mode is stretched screen on the Right and left sides. It covers more parts of your Images or videos.

Set a Picture of Your TV that Fits the Screen

Your TV comes with various options that play a big role. You can change the aspect ratio with the best resolution with many features. Here we showed the best settings for a picture of your TV that fits the screen.

  • Select the Menu button and press settings.
  • Click Right Arrow almost 6 times.
  • Now you will see your TV is Selected.
  • Now Select the most aspect ratio and High definition option.

If your Vizio TV doesn’t have this option then you can check the user manual.

Video: How to Change Vizio TV Resolution 2023

Here we shared a video that will make you learn to change Vizio TV resolution.


Does 480p considered HD?

No, 480p comes in standard Definition quality. 1080p is considered a Full HD.

Does 480p is good quality for Netflix?

It is coming in standrad defintiion(SD). It is basic quality for Netflix.

What is the best TV size for 1080p?

TV size distance ratio is between around 1.5 and 2.5 times the diagonal width of the screen

How do I fix the resolution on my TV HDMI?

Follow these steps:

Press the Start button icon.
Now click on the Control Panel.
Press the Adjust Screen resolution on the Appearance and Personalization menu.
Click on the drop-down list next to the resolution and then click on the resolution you want to apply and click on the Apply button.

Final words

Vizio TV comes with many features and most users get confused to use their good features. In The resolution part, people get confused. We hope you will understand how you can change the Vizio TV resolution.

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