How to get Roku on LG Smart TV? – Detailed Guide

Roku is a Quiet famous streaming Platform that everybody wants in their Smart TV. Here we will explain to you How to get Roku on LG Smart TV? You just have to read the whole article to get your answer regarding Roku. Also, we will explain some other questions regarding Roku. So, Don’t skip the article.

What is the use of Roku on LG Smart TV?

Roku is used for Streaming. You can stream your Favourite movies, web series and many other shows. LG Smart Tv has the feature that you can connect Roku to your TV.

How to connect Roku to LG Smart TV?

There are 2 methods to connect Roku on LG Smart TV. Here we will show you both methods in detail and we will teach you how to Add Roku on LG Smart TV.

Connect Roku to LG Smart TV via Roku Streaming Stick

There are some simple steps that you should follow:

Step 1

Remove the Power Source of your TV.

Step 2

You have to find the HDMI Port of Your TV. Bring Roku Streaming Stick and Plug in the HDMI Port of your TV.

Step 3

Now connect the USB to the streaming stick.

Step 4

Connect the Power source and Turn on Your TV.

Step 5

Find Your Remote Control and Select the correct HDMI input.

Step 6

Now Pair your Roku Remote Control and Choose whatever you want to watch.

Connect Roku to LG Smart TV via AirPlay

Only the Latest model of LG Smart TV can connect to Airplay. If you have an old model then it is a high chance that your TV Can’t connect to Roku via Airplay. Still, if You wanna try then follow these instructions.

LG Smart TV
  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Connect your LG TV with an internet connection and your iPhone should connect with the same Internet connection.
  • Go to the App Store and Install Roku channel App.
  • Insert the Power source into your TV and Turn it on.
  • Click the Menu button on your Remote Control and find Airplay Setting on your TV.
  • After finding Airplay Settings. Enable Airplay settings.
  • On your iPhone open Airplay and Stream content.
  • In Media, the player finds your TV Name and selects it.
  • Now it will connect and you can watch your content on TV.

Why Roku is Famous?

Because Roku comes with the best features, Functionality and Affordable price. It is easy to use. It allows many apps on its platform. People love to use Roku because multiple options are available only on one platform. You don’t have to anywhere else. There are some features we are explaining here.

Alexa Assistance

You can use this assistance in your Roku. People Speak their queries and they will execute by Alexa with the correct result.


Roku TV provides thousands of channels on your TV like Live TV, News Channels, Entertainment Channels, Sports Channels and many more.


You can easily install Spectrum App on Your TV with Roku. You just have to connect your device to an internet connection and follow some steps and you will get Spectrum App.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video has great shows and Movies. People always tend to entertainment and Amazon Prime Video has many movies and web series that people can enjoy watching them. So, Roku gives you permission to install Amazon Prime Video.


You can search on your device and it will give you fast results on what you search. You can also search for something by voice also.

You can use the Same Remote control of your TV on your Roku TV. You don’t need to buy separate remote control.

Video: How to get Roku on LG Smart TV?

Here is the video of How to get Roku on LG Smart TV?


What are the Charges for Roku Channels?

Roku provides some free channels. If you want to watch premium content then you need to pay the amount as per their plans.

Can I Download the Roku Channel app on a streaming device?

Yes. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV Box Allow you to download the Roku Channel app.


Roku TV is best for most all Smart TVs. We hope you get your answer via the article How to get Roku on LG Smart TV. If you still Struggling to connect Roku to your LG Smart TV then you can visit the official Website of Roku. You will your answer there.

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