Vizio TV Connected to Wi-fi but No Network Detected – Solved

Sometimes People face Vizio TV Connected to Wi-fi but no Network Detected Error. This error occurs many times to many users. If you are facing this issue then don’t worry, we have some solutions that you can try.

The most common reason is your Wi-fi. Maybe your Wi-fi is not accessing the internet. When you face this error you can’t open the Vizio TV store or you cannot install any App. Even you can’t access the Home screen. So, Let’s see in this article how we can solve this issue.

Why Vizio TV Shows Connected To WiFi But No Network Detected?

Your Vizio TV Connected to Wi-Fi but no Network is Detected showing because it has some issues with the Internet. It is a common problem that everyone faces.

The most common reasons are wrong DNS settings, checking ISP, Internet password entered incorrectly, Router problem or maybe your TV has some issue.

Technology has made our work easy but there is always some technical error that will happen many times and different issues will come. But when there is a problem, there is a solution too.

We have some solutions for no network detected. You can try the below solutions, and we hope your issue will solve by these methods.

Solutions of Vizio TV No Network Detected Error

To check where the issue happened you can try the below solutions. Let’s dive into it one by one.

Power Cycle your Vizio TV

The first thing you can do is Power cycle your Vizio TV. If you don’t how to do it then don’t worry. We will explain to you step by step.

  • Remove the Plug of your TV from the power source.
  • Find the Power button(It must be the backside of your TV) on your Vizio TV.
  • Once you are found Press and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  • Plug in your Vizio TV and Turn it on.
  • Now check whether your Network is Connected or not.

If yes then your issue is solved otherwise you can go with the next option.

Power Cycle Wi-fi Router

The second option you can try is your Router. Check whether your router is working fine or not. Because sometimes the router can be the reason for no network detection. If your router has no Internet then your router’s red light will blink. Some routers come with Red and green lights to address whether your network is working fine or not.

Power Cycle Wi-fi Router

  • If your router is not accessing the Internet then you can restart your WiFi Router.
  • First, remove the Power Plug.
  • Wait for some time and plugin your Router.
  • Now it will take some time to boot.
  • After that check your Internet Connection.

If you still facing the issue then you can connect a different device with Wi-Fi and check whether the internet is working or not. If yes then the problem is in your TV not your Router.

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Turn on DHCP

Sometimes your IP can be blocked. For this, you can Reconfigure DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol). DHCP is Protocol that manages Network. It assigns an IP Address to your device automatically.

  • To reconfigure the all settings you should follow these steps.
  • Turn on your and Find the Remote Control of your TV.
  • Locate the Menu button and Press it.
  • You will see the settings option and click on it.
  • Then Select Network and Choose Manual Setup.
  • There you will see DHCP and enable it.
  • Now connect your WiFi and check whether your Internet is working or not.

Try a different DNS Server

You can try a different DNS Server. At DHCP you can change DNS Server. There are many DNS Services available in the market like Cloudflare, Google DNS, and many more.

Here are steps you can try.

  • After Enabling of DHCP you will find DNS options there.
  • There are two DNS Server options there. Pref. DNS server and Alt. DNS server.
  • After selecting the DNS Service of Cloudflare or Google DNS. Enter the Details.
  • Google DNS: &
  • Cloudflare DNS: &

Now try to Connect to your internet.

Try Ethernet Cable

If your wireless connection is not working then you can try a Wired Connection or Ethernet cable. Your Vizio TV must have an Ethernet Port. Follow the steps to connect the Ethernet cable.

Try Ethernet Cable

  • Connect one end to the Wifi Router of the Ethernet cable.
  • Another end of the Ethernet cable should connect to the Vizio TV.
  • Now turn on your Wi-Fi Router and Vizio TV.
  • Check the Internet connection now.

If your issue is solved then you can browse for what you want to watch.

Try Connecting Other Devices To The Same Network

Check your other device with the same network. If you do this then you will find where the issue is. Maybe the issue can be in Wifi Router or Vizio TV.

If you have a smartphone or Laptop then try to connect these devices to the Wi-Fi router. In your Smartphone find your router name and select it.

Enter the password and Connect it. If your Smartphone is connected to the router and Your Smartphone is able to access the Internet then the problem of “No network” is in your Vizio TV.

If your smartphone can’t access the Internet then the Issue must be in your Wifi Router. Take Actions According to your requirement.

Video: Vizio TV Connected to Wi-fi but no Network Detected

If you want to watch a video about Vizio TV Connected to Wi-fi but no Network Detected then here it is.

Update Vizio TV Firmware

If you find a problem in your Vizio TV then Check for updates. Because if your Vizio Tv is not updated then the software can stop detecting the Internet network. So, you should Update your Firmware and then check for the Internet. Let’s see the steps to Update Vizio TV Firmware.

  • Turn on your Vizio TV.
  • Find the Remote control and press the menu button.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Find the Check for Updates option.
  • Then click on it and check whether the update comes or not.
  • If yes then Updates it otherwise look for Another solution.

Factory Reset Vizio TV

So, the other option you can try is Factory Reset your Vizio TV. Because if the problem is in your Vizio then this method will definitely help you to solve your issue.

  • To Factory Reset your Vizio TV Follow these steps.
  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV Remote Control.
  • Select Settings.
  • Find Reset and Admin options.
  • Now select Factory Reset.

Through these steps, you can factory reset your Vizio TV and your issue can be solved.

If all the above steps are not working for your then you should contact the Vizio TV Support team. They will help you and guide you for Vizio TV Connected to Wi-fi but no Network Detected.

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