How to Remove Vizio TV Stand – Explained

Vizio is known for their affordable price with the best functionalities. People Purchase Vizio TV and attach Stand but when it comes to removing they Don’t know How to Remove Vizio TV Stand. Here we will share with you some steps that will help you to remove the stand.

There are different steps according to your Vizio TV model but here we will tell you some common steps that you can follow. When you remove the stand you have to be careful. You can take help from another person because a TV is an expensive thing and you don’t want any damage.

How do I Remove Vizio TV Stand?

You need a screwdriver and with few turns it will lose the stand. Before this, you should follow some steps.

  • Turn off your Vizio TV and plug it out from the power outlet.
  • Make sure all cables connected to the TV has to be Disconnected.
  • Now you have to lift your TV carefully and place it on some soft surfaces like on the bed. Be careful when you put the TV on the Bed. Some damages can happen.
  • Now look at the stand and find where is the screw. In most stands, you can find a Screw on the neck of the Stand otherwise it can be in middle.
Vizio TV Stand

  • With the help of a screwdriver, you have to open the screw and remove the base.
  • You have to remove the Plastic cover of your stand neck.
  • There you will find another four or six screws. You have to open them with Screwdriver.
  • Now Pull your stand carefully. Maybe you should pull it down and remove it.

Why you should use a TV stand instead of a TV mount?

There are plenty of reasons to use a TV stand instead of a TV mount and also there are cons. People choose according to their requirements. Here is the list of why you should use a TV Stand.


  • You can move easily wherever you want.
  • It is easy to attach and detach cables to your TV.
  • You can use it according to your home design and put it there.


  • Stands can be short and long. It can be a problem of adjustable.
  • There are safety concerns because when Kids or pets are around the TV and by mistakenly it can damage it.
  • If you have a small house then it can be a problem because It requires more space.

So, choose according to your necessity and enjoy.

How to remove other TV Stand?

The Process of Removing the stand for other TV is almost the same as Vizio TV. But the first thing is you have to be careful when you’re doing this. You can read the manual on the stand and if your TV size is big then you can take the help of another person.

  • Remove all the cables from the TV.
  • Remove the Power source from the TV.
  • Smoothly take your TV and put it on a soft surface.
  • Find the screw at the neck of the TV Stand and open it with the screwdriver.
  • Once you open this base then remove it and now you will see other screws maybe 4 or 8.
  • Open them and remove the Stand carefully.

Now your TV is free from Stand.

Video: How to Remove Vizio TV Stand?

If you still have a doubt then you should watch this Video. This Video is about How to Remove Vizio TV Stand. It might help you.


There are many TV available in the market but Vizio TV comes at a good Price and People Purchase it. But some people facing issues regarding the Vizio Tv stand. So, Here we explained to you How to Remove Vizio TV Stand with all possible solutions. We hope it might help you.


Can I use different screws for the TV stand?

If somehow you lost the screws then you can use third-party screws but it has to be the same size screw as before.

What type of screwdriver do I use?

You have to use the exact match of the screw. You should use the screwdriver that can fit in your screw and you can easily open that.

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