Vizio TV Blue Tint (Quick Solutions)

You are not alone if you suddenly see the Vizio TV Blue Tint on your TV Screen. It must be frustrating to face this kind of issue on Vizio TV.

Sometimes the entire screen can be turned blue, or maybe some edges of the screen are blue, also you can face a blue tint at the center of the screen. If you are facing these issues then don’t worry. Here, I will recommend you some solutions that you should try absolutely. By this, your problem can be solved.

How To Fix the Vizio TV Blue Tint?

To fix the issue of Vizio TV Blue Tint you have to follow these below steps. It will lead you to solutions. Let’s see.

Remove the Plug from the Power Outlet

The first and most common solution is to power cycle your Vizio TV. To Power cycle your Vizio follow the below steps.

  • Turn off your TV by Remote control and then switch it Off.
  • Now Unplug the TV from the Power source.
  • Wait for the 1 Minute.
  • After that Plugin and Switch on.
  • Now Press the Power button on your remote and check your screen.

If the issue is still there then don’t worry move to the next step.

Check HDMI connections

The second thing you can check is your Vizio TV HDMI connections. Check that you connect your HDMI cable properly. Sometimes HDMI cable can be damaged and it makes your Screen blue.

Also, the other thing is to put your HDMI cable in another HDMI port and then check. If the issue still persists then make sure your HDMI cable is tight.

Check HDMI connections

Put pressure on both sides of the cable. It will tighten your HDMI wire. So, here is a checklist that you check for your Vizio TV HDMI.

  • Loose HDMI wire
  • Broken HDMI port
  • Faulty HDMI cable

These 3 things you should check properly.

Connect Cables Properly

On your Vizio Tv check your all cables are correctly connected. Loose wire cannot provide a perfect picture on the screen.

There are many cables on the Vizio that you should put pressure on and tight. Before this, Turn off your TV and then check. Also, check whether the Cable is damaged or not.

If you have extra cable, you can double-check whether the fault is in the cable or any other. Through this, your problem will be solved.

Adjust Picture Settings

If your Vizio TV screen picture is not set perfectly then might be you can face a blue tint issue. For this, Turn on your Vizio TV.

  • Pick a Remote control.
  • Select the Menu button and find the Picture settings option.
  • Click on the More Picture settings.
  • You will see Reset Picture Settings click on it.
  • or you can also adjust manually.

Check for the Updates

Check for the Updates

Sometimes the old version of the OS can be the reason. So, check for any Updates on your Vizio TV. To check

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Press the settings on your Remote Control.
  • You can see the Check for Updates option. Click on it.
  • If any updates are available then update it.

Once the update will be done then it will automatically restart. Now check your Screen.

Replace LED Strips

The other thing is LED strips. Your LED strips can be damaged or They may discolor now. If you bought the Vizio TV recently then this option is not for you because It takes a long time to discolor the LED strips.

If you want to check the LED strips then you have to open your Vizio TV. I do not suggest you open the TV on your own. Contact the professionals (contact below).

If you are tech-savvy and want to check LED strips then do it. If your LED strips become discolored then you have to buy a new one. It will cost you around $70 – $200.

Check for the Internal Hardware Damage

If you tried all the above solution and still doesn’t get the solution then it must be Internal Hardware damage. If you know the things about Hardware then you can check Internal hardware by opening your TV.

I suggest you do not check on your own. Because if you don’t have knowledge about technical things then you should avoid repairing your TV.

You should bring a professional to solve this issue. You can also check your Vizio TV Warranty and then you can contact customer support.

To contact Vizio Customer Support. They will help you.

  • Call: 1-844-254-8087
  • Live Chat: Chat Now

Replace the TV Screen

If the TV Screen is damaged then it will show you the blue tint. If your problem is still not solved then the last option is to Replace the TV Screen.

Replacing the TV Screen is very expensive. If your Vizio TV is Under warranty then they will do it for free otherwise pay the heavy amount.

Video: Vizio TV Blue Tint

Here is the video of Vizio TV Blue Tint. You can watch it and solve the issue.

Final Words

Here I shared the solutions for the Vizio TV Blue Tint. You can Power cycle your TV, Reset the TV, Adjust the Picture settings, check internal damage, the HDMI connection should be properly connected, and the last you can do is replace the Tv Screen.

I hope you find your issue and also solved the issue by these above-given methods. If you have any queries then you can ask us in the comment section.

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