How to Put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV – Detailed Guide

If you are struggling to put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV then don’t worry. We will solve your problem. You cannot install Kodi directly on Vizio Smart TV because Vizio doesn’t support Kodi but We have some solutions that you should follow. If you follow our guidance properly then you will able to install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV.

Here we are giving a quick guide for installing Kodi.

  • Make sure you have an Android device.
  • Pick up your Android phone and go to the Play Store.
  • Search Kodi and click install

Now you should follow our guidance that is given in this article.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is used for Music, Videos, Podcasts, and other media files that you can play and View. It is also called an Open source Home Theatre. Using Kodi you can download multiple Apps.

How to Download Kodi to Vizio Smart TV?

There are some methods that you can try and download Kodi to Vizio Smart TV. You can use Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield or Firestick and via USB you connect to your TV.

Using USB for Vizio Smart TV

  • Get your Android Device first.
  • Connect to your Vizio TV via USB.
  • Then Search Kodi in the Play Store.
  • Select Kodi App and Install it.
  • Now you can use Kodi on your TV.

We hope you are enjoying it now. If you want to know what is an alternative to Kodi then read our next part below.

An alternative to Kodi on Vizio Smart TV?

There are many alternatives to Kodi on Vizio Smart TV. Here is the list you can follow.


This alternative is in most demand. Plex provides 250+ channels with live TV channels also and over 50,000 free titles. You can use Plex and Enjoy.


You can use this with Kodi add-ons. OSMC is among the best form of all these alternatives because they update regularly. Fixing Bugs and Focusing on Performance is the best policy for their system.


This platform you can use with Kodi Add-ons Firestick, Roku Ultra and many more. It is reliable and good.

Universal Media Server

You can use Universal Media Server to stream media files and it is easy to use. You can enjoy Smart TVs, Mobile phones and Video game consoles using UMS.


MediaPortal comes with good customization options. You can watch and schedule or also record live TV for free. These all things can be stored on a Hard drive.


Emby has the best Customer support. They Immediately respond and solve your query. You can watch movies, Web series, and Live Shows and also you can browse category-wise and choose whatever you want to watch.

How to Use Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV with Casting?

In latest model of Vizio TV providing a casting option but some old model doesn’t have this option. In this case, you can use the Chromecast feature. Follow some steps for casting.


  • Install Kodi App on your mobile first.
  • Now Enable your TV and Turn on the casting option.
  • Connect your both devices with the same internet connection.
  • Open Kodi App on your Mobile and choose some content to watch.
  • After this Enable the cast option on your mobile and find an available device.
  • There you will find an available device Vizio TV.
  • Click on it and watch your content on Vizio TV now.

This is how you can use Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV with casting.

How to AirPlay Kodi on Vizio Smart TV using iPhone?

For iOS users it’s difficult to install Kodi App on their phone but here we came up solution that you can try at your own risk. For the Installation of Kodi on iOS, you have to use jailbreak. Well, we do not recommend this. Still, if you want to try then follow these instructions.

  • Find your Vizio Remote control and Press the V button.
  • Go to the Extras and Choose Airplay
  • Turn on the Airplay now.
  • Vizio Smart TV and Mobile should be connected to the same internet connection.
  • Select Screen Mirroring on your iPhone.
  • Now check the available device and select Vizio from them.
  • Stream the content you want to watch and now you can watch this on your Smart TV.

Video: How to Put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV?

You can watch this whole for how to put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV.

Final Words

Vizio comes with all features now. They developed their services and functionality better now. We hope you followed this article on How to Put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV properly. In this article, we mentioned all solutions that you can try otherwise also you can follow the Vizio User manual.

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